Craig's first appearence

Craig Cunningham is introduced as the drug-addicted ex-dealer of Maggie Hart. He is also the father of her son, Freddy.

Described as "the slightly broken guy who's one step away from a vodka bottle", Craig's storylines have often centred around his addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Craig first appears at Maggie's house claiming that he is clean from drugs. However, Maggie catches him attempting to inject heroin and gives him a choice—to take £500 and never see Maggie or his son again, or to stay the night and get help with his problems first thing in the morning. Craig leaves with the money without Maggie noticing. Ignoring Maggie's ultimatum, Craig returns the following year. Maggie is in an emotional state, having recently discovered her father has been released from prison. He gives Maggie back the £500 he took and says he is clean. Maggie temporarily allows Craig to stay, but he tests positive for cannabis so he is asked to leave.